Step Brothers is Honored, Halloween Season, Stupid Stories, Ghost Adventures


The Lunar Eclipse & Blood Moon are Alive!! We Honor: “Step Brothers”!! Halloween is my favorite time of year. We discuss Ghost Adventures Aftershocks at the Fear Factory, Stupid Stories with WT Wizard, and answer some Halloween Season Listener Questions.

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Grandpa Mike told me if I wanted to see the Fairies in their backyard, I should sing “into the wind.” Well, I never did see the “little folk” but I did develop a vocal technique I still sometimes use today. I call it “Liquid Velvet”, the sound of Sirens. I am an authentic leader of the New Underground Music Genre “Glam Dream Pop.” My Fan-Friends know me as “D”, the raven haired Siren that impeccably combines Dream Pop with a new musical Alt Glam edge. I often use my voice as a musical/percussive instrument. My song harmonies are unique, infectious, and…

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