Glam Dream Pop



Glam Dream Pop

About DOMINICO - the girl behind the "D"

Glam Dream Pop…It's a State of Mind…It Usually Involves GLITTER

I'm Indie Female Recording Artist Dominico, Born & Raised in NYC. I Write, Produce, Arrange & Sing ALL of My Own Songs, in Music Genre: Alt / Glam Dream Pop. I also write & produce for other artists. My music is mainstream Pop Song Writing with a Glam“Brit Rock” Edge Production AND I can't read music!!
My Musical Influences Are: Prince, Bruno Mars, Muse & John Lennon.

I'm an Empath, & Spread Empathy & Empowerment Awareness. I am also against Cyberbullying & make sure ALL of my Social Media Accts are Bully & Drama Free!! I Love Animals & Offer Friendship, Acceptance & Enlightenment. I Discuss ALL of These Topics & More on My #ChasingDominicoPODCAST on iTunes & Soundcloud. I Love Mythology & that is why my PODCASTS only come out on The Full Moon.

Most importanly, I Believe "Laughter IS Medicine" & Being Silly & Lighthearted is JUST WHO I AM:) I'm interested in getting to know everyone!! THIS is My Page & it's REALLY ME you are interacting with. Love & Light!!

“As an artist, I have made it my personal mission to continue to help to ‘Keep The Torch Lit’ for Peace with a firm emphasis on Empathy. The world is in a state of chaos and unity needs to be restored.

We have the power to heal ourselves.
Hope is not lost.” – “D”