Thanksgiving Spirit, Negative Vibe People, Ghost Adventures Halloween Special, and Just Friends

We Celebrate Comedy Movie Quotes from “Just Friends” in Podcast Ep. 53.  Negative Vibe People, Thanksgiving Spirit, Stop Cyberbullying and Empowerment, and Ghost Adventures Museum of Madness Halloween Special.

And of course…. tons of silly moments with #ComedyMovieQuotes throughout the podcast.  ALL ARE WELCOME to This Party:)

Laughter is Medicine.

Amityville for Sale, Ashmore Estates, The Rainbow Bridge & Old School

We Celebrate Comedy Movie Quotes from “Old School” in Podcast Ep. 50.  Amityville House is Up for Sale.. would you buy it?  Discuss Ghost Adventures Aftershocks at Ashmore Estates & Wish Zak Bagans would hold an Event for GAC fans at His “Haunted Museum” in Vegas!!  I would DEFINITELY Go!!  I talk about The Rainbow Bridge & Share the passing of my Rescue Pug, Lord Baxter.  Our Fur babies are Our Family & it’s important to support each other in times of Grief because It’s ok to be sad sometimes.  And of course…. tons of silly moments with #ComedyMovieQuotes through out the podcast.  ALL ARE WELCOME to This Party:)

Laughter is Medicine.

Remember – New Single Release by Dominico

“I Know That Everyone’s Got a Story of The One That Got Away……”

My Song “Remember” is about Nostalgia:)  I am New York City female recording artist Dominico and Everything on Social Media is under:  DominicoArtist.   I Offer Acceptance, Enlightenment & Friendship to ALL my Followers.  I Stand Against Cyberbullying and Believe That “Laughter IS Medicine.”  My Twitter, Instagram & Facebook pages are All DRAMA FREE… so I extend an invite to all who wants to Join The Party!!   #PeaceLoveEmpathy

All the writing, arranging, performing, and production was done by me.  The electric guitar parts I wrote were performed by Peter Calo.  All Mixing and Mastering happened at my favorite creative space, Avatar Studios NYC.  The Mix was done by Roy Hendrickson, and Mastering was handled by Fred Kevorkian.

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Will Ferrell is Still King – We Honor Grandma’s Boy

PODCAST MOTTO: “Laughter is Medicine”!! …The After, After Party!!

  • Intro – Grandmas Boy (0:00)
  • Chapter 4 “Here’s Some More” (2:38)
  • The Spoils of Babylon (3:47)
  • Will Ferrell News (4:48)
  • Transport to Planet Tolemac (5:49)
  • Ghost Adventures Lizzie Borden House (9:27)
  • Zak Buys a Demon House (33:26)
  • Paranormal News (36:24)
  • Cropsey (37:56)
  • Evolution-Revolution (43:30)
  • Happy Premise #3…Bullies (47:01)
  • Download It & Shout-Outs (52:30)
  • @ChasingDominico Podcast Drinking Game (57:07)
  • Departing Planet Tolemac (59:52)

“How much do clothes cost in the Matrix?”

Trick R Treat – Sam



I Love a Man in Orange.  If you ever see this….RUN!!  This is from the Horror Movie from 2008 that a lot of people don’t know about.  It’s like “Creepshow” w/ several different stories that all end up being intertwined at the end of the movie.  Lot’s of fun.  I need to buy this Action Figure already:)