Thanksgiving Spirit, Negative Vibe People, Ghost Adventures Halloween Special, and Just Friends

We Celebrate Comedy Movie Quotes from “Just Friends” in Podcast Ep. 53.  Negative Vibe People, Thanksgiving Spirit, Stop Cyberbullying and Empowerment, and Ghost Adventures Museum of Madness Halloween Special.

And of course…. tons of silly moments with #ComedyMovieQuotes throughout the podcast.  ALL ARE WELCOME to This Party:)

Laughter is Medicine.

Amityville for Sale, Ashmore Estates, The Rainbow Bridge & Old School

We Celebrate Comedy Movie Quotes from “Old School” in Podcast Ep. 50.  Amityville House is Up for Sale.. would you buy it?  Discuss Ghost Adventures Aftershocks at Ashmore Estates & Wish Zak Bagans would hold an Event for GAC fans at His “Haunted Museum” in Vegas!!  I would DEFINITELY Go!!  I talk about The Rainbow Bridge & Share the passing of my Rescue Pug, Lord Baxter.  Our Fur babies are Our Family & it’s important to support each other in times of Grief because It’s ok to be sad sometimes.  And of course…. tons of silly moments with #ComedyMovieQuotes through out the podcast.  ALL ARE WELCOME to This Party:)

Laughter is Medicine.

Remember – New Single Release by Dominico

“I Know That Everyone’s Got a Story of The One That Got Away……”

My Song “Remember” is about Nostalgia:)  I am New York City female recording artist Dominico and Everything on Social Media is under:  DominicoArtist.   I Offer Acceptance, Enlightenment & Friendship to ALL my Followers.  I Stand Against Cyberbullying and Believe That “Laughter IS Medicine.”  My Twitter, Instagram & Facebook pages are All DRAMA FREE… so I extend an invite to all who wants to Join The Party!!   #PeaceLoveEmpathy

All the writing, arranging, performing, and production was done by me.  The electric guitar parts I wrote were performed by Peter Calo.  All Mixing and Mastering happened at my favorite creative space, Avatar Studios NYC.  The Mix was done by Roy Hendrickson, and Mastering was handled by Fred Kevorkian.

Support Independent Music by purchasing a copy.  Use “The Buddy System” and share it with a friend.

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Annabelle Doll Says Hi!! at Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum

The 4th Annual @ChasingDominico Video Halloween Special.

Last Year I Went to The Amityville Horror House & Big Stepped in Front of The House for My GAC Family & Ghost Adventures. THIS Year I Went to Lorriane Warren’s Occult Museum to Meet The Real Annabelle Doll & All The Other Demonic Items There.

It took me over 3 weeks to feel ok again after being around so many evil things. The energy was so dark. They even had a priest there, so you know I asked him to bless me before I left. Got to have dinner w/ Lorraine Warren & she told me how to Bless & Protect myself from evil dark energy

All in All…. a Great Trip!! Enjoy the Special:)


The 9 Rules of Glam Dream Pop

Glam Dream Pop..It’s a State of Mind..It Usually Involves GLITTER!!


1. You Must Talk About Glam Dream Pop


3. Listen to the Soundtrack of “Velvet Goldmine”

4. Drink Hot Chocolate on a Snow Day…w/ Whipped Cream if You’re Gangster

5. Do Something Creative Once a Week…Anything

6. Face Three Things That You Are Afraid Of

7….Be Handsome

8. Be Open to Mythology and the Paranormal

9. Practice EMPATHY

In Memory of Jeff Buckley… The Genius

                      The One, The Only…. Jeff Buckley 1966-1997

10 Things About Jeff Buckley
Jeff Buckley

 1. As a Child, he wasn’t Jeff Buckley. Jeff’s full name is Jeffery Scott Buckley, and he went by Scotty Moorehead until high school. In the early 80’s he decided to become Jeff.

2. He barely knew his famous father. Jeff only met his father, Tim Buckley, a few times during his childhood. His father was a 60’s cult folk icon & penned “I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain” as a tribe to his ex-wife & son he barely knew. Tim died at 28 of an overdose.

3. The 1st solo Jeff had was April 1991, at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church Brooklyn NY. Jeff sang tribute to his late father “Greetings From Tim Buckley”& other Tim Buckley’s songs at his father’s memorial service in NY at St. Anne’s.

4. Jeff almost backed Mick Jagger on a solo tour before Jeff became famous. He played guitar behind actor Andrew Strong in a band promoting the movie “The Commitments” in NY, LA & Chicago.

5. Jeff signed with Sony Columbia Records in the early 90’s because Bob Dylan was at Sony & was 1 of Jeff’s heros. Jeff recorded a version of Dylan’s “If You See Her Say Hello” that never made the “Grace” album.

6. Jeff frequently played at NYC coffeehouse at 122 St. Marks Place in the East Village. It was a tiny 50 seat venue because Jeff wanted to perfect himself at a performer & singer. The underground venue attracted high-powered record executives & many new fans. Jeff was discovered here at this coffeehouse.

7. “Grace” was released on Columbia Records in August 23, 1994. It did not make an impact on the charts, so the label pushed hard for the second single, “Last Goodbye” that ignited Jeff’s career. In heavy rotation on the radio, MTV & VH1 for 9 months. The single charted at 174 on the Billboard Charts.

8. Jeff’s musical talent & sense of humor reached new heights when a Radio host, Nicholas Hill once phoned Buckley live on an ep. of “The Music Faucet” & requested Jeff to sing. Buckley sang & played harmonica to a Bob Dylan song, “I Shall Be Released.” This amazing rendition was a big success with fans. Jeff’s “phone-in” performance was unheard of at the time.

9. Jeff was modest & he was mortified when he was named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, in May 1995.

10. Jeff needed to escape from the madness of NYC & he was feeling the pressure to write & record his 2nd album. He relocated to Memphis. On May 29, 1997, the day his band flew in from NYC to begin recording, Jeff unexpectedly drowned in the Wolf River Harbor. He was last seen going into the water, with all his clothes on, singing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” before he disappeared. He was 30 years old.

Why Do Genius’ Leave This World Too Soon?

The Music World Lost a True Legend…. RIP Jeff.


Valentines Day Means Grandma’s Boy Loves @ChasingDominico Podcast:)

This Upcoming Podcast is the 1st Episode of the New Chapter.  Chapter 4:  Here’s Some More!!!!

The Next Full Moon is February 14th…. That’s Right Valentines Day!!  So After U Eat Your Chocolates, Have Your Dinner and Drinks… Spend the Rest of Your Valentines w/ us at the @ChasingDominico PODCAST.

In Chapter 4, We are now Honoring Other Comedies.  The 1st episode out is “Grandma’s Boy” which was Chosen By the Podcast Listeners.  Get Ready For a Crazy Ride & Tune in to @ChasingDominico PODCAST Every Full Moon at 7pm here on the Website: AND iTunes.  Remember The Podcast Motto is:  “Laughter is Medicine” 🙂

This Video is my co-host WT Wizard & I, getting super psyched for the upcoming Podcast Ep. 32 Honoring “Grandma’s Boy” 🙂  Join Us!!!!

I’m Just Thinking About My Game…. It’s The Future Of Gaming! from DominicoArtist on Vimeo.

Ron Burgundy Got Me On the 24 Hour Cable News Channel

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy swimming with Dobe the Pet SharkRon Burgundy started the 24 Hour Cable News Channel format back in the 80’s with the Channel 4 News Team,  and my Vine Video Review of Anchorman 2 was used on HLN.  That’s Right…a 24 Hour Cable News Channel Played “My Vine”.  This is as meta as you can get people!  In other words… Ron Burgundy Made “Me” News!!  Yeah, now all I need is Salon Quality Hair…BOOM!!

My Vine was the 1st one played in the broadcast and of course, I was the ONLY one that had to be Bleeped:)  Add in that Anchorman 2 introduced Sirens and a Mythological Minotaur in Ron’s rumble showdown in Central Park here in New York City …Can you say destiny?

I Honored Anchorman in Episode 28 of the @ChasingDominico Podcast

Perhaps Ron Burgundy listened to my @ChasingDominico Podcast.  Will Ferrell & Mythology are huge themes in the podcast.  If you listen to it, then you know why I chose this horribly scary shark picture. I Hate Sharks!!  Ron Burgundy’s pet shark, Dobe, almost gave me a heart attack.  It’s a good thing Baxter is always there to save the day:)

Within seconds of the movie starting, Ron Burgundy was already making me crack up with his infamous one-liners.  I can’t imagine what the extras are gonna be on the DVD.  One of my favorite lines from the first Anchorman, “The Skeleton Ran Out of Shampoo in the Shower” was on the DVD extras.  All the “warm up” Vocal Exercises Ron Burgundy does before each news broadcast makes me almost pee my pants…not kidding!!  I love a man who has that affect on me.  “When you’ve got an ass like the North Star, wise men are gonna follow it”; what woman doesn’t wanna hear that from her man!!  I spend a large amount of my time on Twitter trading Will Ferrell quotes back & forth with other Will Ferrell fans.  Will Ferrell 4 President!!!

The brilliance of making Ron Burgundy “the creator” of the modern day news format was pure genius.   “Well now we know guys, you can’t smoke crack on live television” …WHAT!!!  Scotch and Crack, what a combo.  And yes people, there is an official “Ron Burgundy Scotch” being sold.  I think I know what I want in my Christmas Stocking this year.  I’ve already got the Ron Burgundy talking doll, on it’s way from Amazon.  Even blinding Ron Burgundy circa “Ice Castles” style, didn’t stop the legend.  So what if he took refuge in a secluded Light House, unable to distinguish if he’s eating actual food or house hold items.  But like a true superhero…Ron regained his sight.

There are hundreds of  Anchorman 2 reviews out now.  This post is not intended to be another one.  I am merely a die hard Will Ferrell fan, communicating with other fans and celebrating Ron Burgundy’s return to the big screen.  I can’t think of a better gift this season.  Nor can I wait till the movie goes DVD so I can honor it on of my @ChasingDominico Podcast.  So let the coronation begin and Crown Will Ferrell The King of awesome and Ron Burgundy anointed Sovereign of News Broadcasting:)

I think I’ll sign off now by thanking you for Stopping By, reminding every one to Stay Classy… But Mostly;  “Don’t Just Have a Good Night…Have an American Night!”  I give Anchorman 2 Six Thumbs Up!!!


I went to the Matinee on opening day because I couldn’t wait until nighttime.   I was ready for an Afternoon Delight:)

  My Vine was the only one they had to Bleep


Will Ferrell truly went all out to promote the movie.  Will Ferrell put Ron Burgundy into every imaginable real-world scenario possible from reading the news, selling cars, making ice cream flavors, to the most obvious but brilliant move: Ron Burgundy Scotch

Ron Burgundy Scotch Anchorman 2

24 Hour News Channels can be hard work. Relax with some Ron Burgundy Scotchy Scotch Scotch




Here is the original broadcast if you want the full feel. They embed an ad upfront so that is why I put it here at the end



Trick R Treat – Sam



I Love a Man in Orange.  If you ever see this….RUN!!  This is from the Horror Movie from 2008 that a lot of people don’t know about.  It’s like “Creepshow” w/ several different stories that all end up being intertwined at the end of the movie.  Lot’s of fun.  I need to buy this Action Figure already:)

The Rules of the #ChasingDominicoPODCAST Drinking Game!!

Rules for the #ChasingDominicoPODCAST Drinking Game:)@ChasingDominico Podcast Drinking Game 1

The Interns at E.L.E. Media New York City, came up with The Rules for the New #ChasingDominicoPODCAST Drinking Game. It is based off of the Ghost Adventures Drinking Game. The Rules were First Revealed on Episode 24. Like the Ghost Adventures, @ChasingDominico Drinking Game is based off of Dominico’s personality & what goes down during the Podcast:)


Update: 1/15/2014

The rules have been altered to keep the Alcohol Poisoning to a minimum:). All rules are now 1 drink only.

Add in the “Alter Ego” Rule and Enjoy!


Update: 7/9/2017

Dominico has made an addition to the drink count rules.  The bold among you can start the drinking game from the

Top of the Podcast instead of waiting until we get to Planet Tolemac.  The new “Gangster Rule”  Enjoy!!!!!



Take 1 Drink:

– Hear an “Audio Clip” Quote from the Movie Theme of the Episode

– When Dominico says the word “fuck”

– You hear “Evolution-Revolution” and “Free Your Mind”

– Hear us say “Mystery Clip”

– When you hear us Transport to Planet Tolemac

– Every time “D” Laugh-Snorts

– Every time “D” says “Bang-Bang”



“Planet Tolemac Alter Ego Drinking Rule”

* All Players must play as their “Party Alter-Ego Name” (Example: Sir Chugs Alot)

* If you call a Player by their Real name instead of their “Party Alter-Ego Name” -You must take a Shot of Jagermeister.