The Rules of the @ChasingDominico PODCAST Drinking Game!!

Rules for the @ChasingDominico PODCAST Drinking Game:)@ChasingDominico Podcast Drinking Game 1

The Interns at E.L.E. Media Studios in New York City, came up with The Rules for the New @ChasingDominico PODCAST Drinking Game. It is based off of the Ghost Adventures Drinking Game. The Rules were First Revealed on Episode 24. Like the Ghost Adventures, @ChasingDominico Drinking Game is based off of Dominico’s personality & what goes down during the Podcast:)


Update: 1/15/2014

The rules have been altered to keep the Alcohol Poisoning to a minimum:). All rules are now 1 drink only.

Add in the “Alter Ego” Rule and Enjoy!


Take 1 Drink:

– Hear an “Audio Clip” Quote from the Movie Theme of the Episode

– When Dominico says the word “fuck”

– You hear “Evolution-Revolution” and “Free Your Mind”

– Hear us say “Mystery Clip”

– When you hear us Transport to Planet Tolemac

– Any time “D” says “What was I saying”

– Every time “D” snorts

– Every time “D” says “Bang-Bang”



“Planet Tolemac Alter Ego Drinking Rule”

* All Players must play as their “Party Alter-Ego Name” (Example: Sir Chugs Alot)

* If you call a Player by their Real name instead of their “Party Alter-Ego Name” -You must take a Shot of Jagermeister.