Thanksgiving Spirit, Negative Vibe People, Ghost Adventures Halloween Special, and Just Friends


We Celebrate Comedy Movie Quotes from “Just Friends” in Podcast Ep. 53.  Negative Vibe People, Thanksgiving Spirit, Stop Cyberbullying and Empowerment, and Ghost Adventures Museum of Madness Halloween Special. And of course…. tons of silly moments with #ComedyMovieQuotes throughout the podcast.  ALL ARE WELCOME to This Party:) Laughter is Medicine.

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I'm Indie Female Recording Artist Dominico, Born & Raised in NYC. I Write, Produce, Arrange & Sing ALL of My Own Songs, in Music Genre: Alt / Glam Dream Pop. I also write & produce for other artists. My music is mainstream Pop Song Writing with a Glam“Brit Rock” Edge Production AND I can't read music!! My Musical Influences Are: Prince, Bruno Mars, Muse & John Lennon. I'm an Empath, & Spread Empathy & Empowerment Awareness. I am also against Cyberbullying & make sure ALL of my Social Media Accts are Bully & Drama Free!! I Love Animals & Offer Friendship,…

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