Thanksgiving Spirit, Negative Vibe People, Ghost Adventures Halloween Special, and Just Friends

We Celebrate Comedy Movie Quotes from “Just Friends” in Podcast Ep. 53.  Negative Vibe People, Thanksgiving Spirit, Stop Cyberbullying and Empowerment, and Ghost Adventures Museum of Madness Halloween Special.

And of course…. tons of silly moments with #ComedyMovieQuotes throughout the podcast.  ALL ARE WELCOME to This Party:)

Laughter is Medicine.

The Rules of the #ChasingDominicoPODCAST Drinking Game!!

Rules for the #ChasingDominicoPODCAST Drinking Game:)@ChasingDominico Podcast Drinking Game 1

The Interns at E.L.E. Media New York City, came up with The Rules for the New #ChasingDominicoPODCAST Drinking Game. It is based off of the Ghost Adventures Drinking Game. The Rules were First Revealed on Episode 24. Like the Ghost Adventures, @ChasingDominico Drinking Game is based off of Dominico’s personality & what goes down during the Podcast:)


Update: 1/15/2014

The rules have been altered to keep the Alcohol Poisoning to a minimum:). All rules are now 1 drink only.

Add in the “Alter Ego” Rule and Enjoy!


Update: 7/9/2017

Dominico has made an addition to the drink count rules.  The bold among you can start the drinking game from the

Top of the Podcast instead of waiting until we get to Planet Tolemac.  The new “Gangster Rule”  Enjoy!!!!!



Take 1 Drink:

– Hear an “Audio Clip” Quote from the Movie Theme of the Episode

– When Dominico says the word “fuck”

– You hear “Evolution-Revolution” and “Free Your Mind”

– Hear us say “Mystery Clip”

– When you hear us Transport to Planet Tolemac

– Every time “D” Laugh-Snorts

– Every time “D” says “Bang-Bang”



“Planet Tolemac Alter Ego Drinking Rule”

* All Players must play as their “Party Alter-Ego Name” (Example: Sir Chugs Alot)

* If you call a Player by their Real name instead of their “Party Alter-Ego Name” -You must take a Shot of Jagermeister.