Valentines Day Means Grandma’s Boy Loves @ChasingDominico Podcast:)

This Upcoming Podcast is the 1st Episode of the New Chapter.  Chapter 4:  Here’s Some More!!!!

The Next Full Moon is February 14th…. That’s Right Valentines Day!!  So After U Eat Your Chocolates, Have Your Dinner and Drinks… Spend the Rest of Your Valentines w/ us at the @ChasingDominico PODCAST.

In Chapter 4, We are now Honoring Other Comedies.  The 1st episode out is “Grandma’s Boy” which was Chosen By the Podcast Listeners.  Get Ready For a Crazy Ride & Tune in to @ChasingDominico PODCAST Every Full Moon at 7pm here on the Website: AND iTunes.  Remember The Podcast Motto is:  “Laughter is Medicine” 🙂

This Video is my co-host WT Wizard & I, getting super psyched for the upcoming Podcast Ep. 32 Honoring “Grandma’s Boy” 🙂  Join Us!!!!

I’m Just Thinking About My Game…. It’s The Future Of Gaming! from DominicoArtist on Vimeo.