Convo with Dominico - Remembering Katy 

NEW Convo with Dominico Ep.8 - Remembering Katy. I'm Honoring My Best Friend Katy & Celebrating Her Upcoming Birthday. This is the 1st Holiday Season without My Touchstone & I'm Sure There Are Other People Experiencing the Same Kind of…

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Convo with Dominico - Reacting vs Responding 

Ep.06 I discuss the differences between Reacting vs Responding.  It's amazing what a moment of stillness can do for you...and don't ignore your intuition my friends

Empaths, Furbabies, Navajo Reservation, and Austin Powers Goldmember 

We Celebrate Comedy Movie Quotes from "Austin Powers Goldmember" in Podcast Ep. 52.  Empaths, Furbabies, and Navajo Reservation.

And of course.... tons of silly moments with #ComedyMovieQuotes through out the podcast.  ALL ARE WELCOME to This Party:)

Laughter is Medicine.