Hot Rod Is Honored, Shattered Hopes Amityville, Ghost Adventures 

We Honor: "HOT ROD" the Movie!!!! We all need to Punch-Dance Our Rage Out get ready to Have Some Fun!! I'm Team Rod:) Will Ferrell is The KING & any of his characters can stop by anytime on THIS Podcast!! Today it's Chazz Michael Michaels.... BOOM!!!


Part 3.1 of the Awesome "Shattered Hopes: The True Story of The Amityville Murders" is Out & it's Fan-F*cking-Tastic!!!  Director Ryan Katzenbach interviews THE Ronnie "Butch" DeFeo in Prison & hear what he has to say about what happened at 112 Ocean Avenue That Infamous Night.  You Don't Want to Miss This One Peeps:)

Revisit Ghost Adventures Lockdown at the Old Licking County Jail &  Discuss GA AFTERSHOCKS Palmer House Hotel.   Do U Think Kelly Freese is Addicted to the Place?  Do U Believe it Was the Spirit of Playwright Sinclair Lewis leading Kelly to hidden manuscripts?  I Think There Are DEMONS Lurking Around in the Basement #GACFamily!!

If you are feeling Cyberbullied, follow the "U.B.I. Rule"  - Unfollow, Block & Ignore!!!  Understand The Power of "The Spoken Word in Evolution Revolution.  What We Put Out into the World, We Get Back.... So Be Careful What You Wish on Other People.

We are officially going to  Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum on September 20th where I will be Big Steppin in Front of THE Real Annabelle Doll.  We Are Gonna Film Everything & Make it Part of This Years.... 4th Annual @ChasingDominico Video Halloween Special.  Last Year We Went to the Amityville House.... and THIS Year it's Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum!!  Wish Me Luck:)

PODCAST MOTTO: "Laughter is Medicine"!! ...The After, After Party!!

What is the @ChasingDominico PODCAST? It's a One-Stop-Shop for Fun!'s The Rocky Horror Show of PODCASTS:)